Who we Are?

Ghetto Heroes Tech Innovation


Our Story

Ghetto Heroes Tech Innovation is a Non-Profit Company which was founded with the aim of giving and introducing coding to the youth from poor communities since we believe that there is shortage of the technology information to the black communities which leads to the black youth not engaging in the tech society.


Our Foundation

We introduce computer skills by creating Events/Vac’s and programs to the communities by volunteering.

We also create Websites & Blogs to companies and schools since most of the South African schools do not have website.

Our Mission

GH Tech Innovation teaching coding


Our mission is to assist the youth through coding in order to improve South Africa’s technical skills and condemning our societies stereotypes.


Our vision is to create a new community of tech pioneers who want to be at the fore-front of Africa’s Digital

We are Helping Hands

We would like to see Ghetto children also being part of the innovation regardless of their community problems. We believe that the only people who are able to solve the problems are the one’s who are facing the problems. That is why we need to educate the youth and give them entrepreneur skills so we can have hope for a better tech future.

Insure Every child from disadvantaged community is introduced to coding

Insure Child in South Africa gets digital skills

Insure Every South African child can code