4IR Cheri

4IR Cheri

4IR-Cheri is a combination name of Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and a local township name Cheri meaning “girl” or sweetheart in French. Due to the gender digital gap happening in South Africa, GH Tech Innovation is keen to take part in contributing towards making sure the balancing of the gender based skills in the tech space. A recent study has shown the tech space to be more dominated by man and appears that fewer females are taking part in the revolution.
The forever increasing of the automating in Banks and other job spaces, most of the careers which were proven to have played a big role in employing females like Tellers, Call Center Agents, Receptionist etc. are getting more automated which leads to retrenching of employees due to lack of needed computer skills.

4IRcheri has hosted 2 events during the year of 2019 as follows:

  • 09 March 2019 we hosted 40 girls with the assistance of a great reputable organisation Lebone Rivoningo Developments in Ivory park Midrand, age group was between 13 – 19 years old.
  • 27 November 2019 we hosted 60 girls from Tembisa with the assistance from Serame Foundation and Dynamic DNA at Randburg.

Other reach was during our #CodeTembisa and #CodeKasi campaigns which they both portrayed a very big role towards the mission of the GH Tech Innovation.

We are sending our gratitude to the nation for supporting the movement, you can continue donating by contacting us at anytime on the details provided on our website.

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