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Python programming

GH Tech Innovation is proud to have introduced python programming to the youth from the Tembisa community through the #CodeTembisa initiative.

Python is a high level programming language that can be used to program most of the electronic e.g Robots, Website(Django), Apps, Games etc. The developing of Python was to create an easy language almost to human language which non computer scientists can understand. The evaluation of the coding language has led to many programmers using it for Data science, Cloud, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence(AI).

As GH Tech Innovation we hope to have given curiosity about the Python programming language since there is a huge demand of the Python developers in the country of South Africa.

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5th #CodeTembisa

5th #CodeTembisa Vac work. Learn python programming in Tembisa

5th #CodeTembisa

GH  Tech Innovation presents the 5th #CodeTembisa Vac. Come learn the skills of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Learn how to create Websites, Apps & Games using Python programming. Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language, Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991.

Entrance free but you need your ticket. book your free ticket now at

NB: Bring your own laptop.

#GHcode #CodeTembisa

4th #CodeTembisa Vac

4th #CodeTembisa

4th #CodeTembisa Vac Work

11 March 2019

Many people in the world think that those that have invented something they did it in their own solitary confinement. I often beg to differ. I believe invention happen at the intersection of collective ideas, teamwork and experimentation. Over the years media has bombarded our dear youth with the mentality that they can do things in solitude. I will make an example with Steve Jobs, many had always and still hold a view that he created a killer concept that is Apple phone. But the question i will graciously pose is – did he build the company alone? HELL no. Pardon me for using the vulgar language but it is encumbered upon me to educate you on how imperative it is for you to know the value of collaboration. You should know by now how much I love to bring bible texts into my conversations. Permit me to support my argument on the importance of teamwork by quoting from the book of Ecclesiastes which state that two is better than one. If King Solomon who was kindly blessed with wisdom from the creator could mention something of this magnitude then i must as well close my argument. On the 23 of March 2019 Ghetto Heroes Tech Innovation is hosting a Vac Work for Tembisa youth. It is the fourth Vac Work which we will be giving the youth residing in and around Tembisa. I therefore urge you not to be a lazy child. Follow us on all our social media pages and sign up for this Vac Work. #GHcode #CodeTembisa


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By T.Chokoe

International Women’s Day

Ignite the spark

10 March 2019

We are more than excited to announce the impact we made to the Lebone Rivoningo Developments (NPO) with our #CodeTembisa initiative.

We introduced an exciting coding session to girls from Lebone Rivoningo Developments which was held at Riendzo Developments computer centre in Ivory Park. The newbie-girl coders were taught how to create their own websites using coding and also how to collaborate with a team using a peer-to-peer learning with their friends. When the program ended, they collaborated into teams and coded basic websites using the skills they learnt.

Lebone Rivoningo Developments is a Non-Profit Organisation which is empowering young minds in the Ivory Park community through hosting monthly impact mentorship sessions. Their mentorship program plays a significant role in the lives of the black youth by grooming the mentees into being better leaders of tomorrow. They do so under the guidance of the 4 pillars of education: Learn, Serve, Play and Voice. We are optimistic that our collaboration with Lebone Rivoningo Developments shall continue to ignite the spark in the lives of young people.

International Women’s Day(IWD) is celebrated 8th March every year, As GH Tech Innovation, we believe in women empowerment and involvement. We believe that females should be given a chance to take part in the 4th Industrial Revolution(4IR) which should start at a young age through empowering them with basic coding knowledge. “Whether you want to uncover the secret of the universe, Or just want to persue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn” – Stephen Hawking

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Edited: T.Mzili

A Sermon by the Ghetto Geek

#GHcode #CodeTembisa learning programming

A Sermon by the Ghetto Geek‌

03 March 2019

Over the past years, we have witnessed the rapid technological advancement happening across all familiar industries, you name them – banking, retail, mobile amongst others. But as I pen this blog I must concede that all these massive changes do not surprise me or ever did. Trust me, I do not intend to impose my religious beliefs on you but permit me to quote from the book of Daniel chapter 12 verse 4 which read thus “…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase“.  Like I mentioned before I do not anticipate you to feel obliged to believe me. It is in own capacity to choose corresponding beliefs. I am not a prophet but I can lay it bare to you who are perusing this blog that the next billionaire of this country will be a tech entrepreneur. Let’s now converse about GH Tech Innovation. What we do is to create environments that promote innovation, teamwork and communication. Speaking about teamwork I am reminded of ancient aphorism restated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, during the South African liberation struggle, a person is person through other persons. John Mbiti says, ” I am because we are since we are, therefore, I am”. Adv Chuene Rammutla says “the African self is a social self“. I must lastly but not least also borrow from Julius Nyerere who said an African is born socialised. He has no life of consequence without the community of others. At GH Tech Innovation we hold onto these values to uplift one another. The spirit of charity reign in our hearts. Friendships are created between us, donors and people we want to impact. We have started with our journey to integrate young people into the digital economy. We are now heading towards the future that is tech enabled.


By T.Chokoe

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26 Feb 2019

We are proud to have impacted the youth from the Tembisa community by hosting 2 of our weekend Vac work programs at Tembisa West Library(Endayeni Library). Our focus was mostly on introducing coding Web design which we believe it will enable them to continue their focus in coding through our new introduced initiative #CodeTembisa.

Coding is the language of the future which every child should be exposed to, Though it might seem intricate we are there to bridge the gap between Computer science(Programming) and the South African kids & youth. Most of the African skinned from disadvantaged communities are never exposed to such fun programs which limits them to finding Jobs in future as Technology will replace most of the jobs through their automation and Artificial Intelligence… #CodeTembisa #GHcode