4th #CodeTembisa Vac

4th #CodeTembisa

4th #CodeTembisa Vac Work

11 March 2019

Many people in the world think that those that have invented something they did it in their own solitary confinement. I often beg to differ. I believe invention happen at the intersection of collective ideas, teamwork and experimentation. Over the years media has bombarded our dear youth with the mentality that they can do things in solitude. I will make an example with Steve Jobs, many had always and still hold a view that he created a killer concept that is Apple phone. But the question i will graciously pose is – did he build the company alone? HELL no. Pardon me for using the vulgar language but it is encumbered upon me to educate you on how imperative it is for you to know the value of collaboration. You should know by now how much I love to bring bible texts into my conversations. Permit me to support my argument on the importance of teamwork by quoting from the book of Ecclesiastes which state that two is better than one. If King Solomon who was kindly blessed with wisdom from the creator could mention something of this magnitude then i must as well close my argument. On the 23 of March 2019 Ghetto Heroes Tech Innovation is hosting a Vac Work for Tembisa youth. It is the fourth Vac Work which we will be giving the youth residing in and around Tembisa. I therefore urge you not to be a lazy child. Follow us on all our social media pages and sign up for this Vac Work. #GHcode #CodeTembisa


Click here to register: https://goo.gl/CD4GsL

By T.Chokoe