A Sermon by the Ghetto Geek

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A Sermon by the Ghetto Geek‌

03 March 2019

Over the past years, we have witnessed the rapid technological advancement happening across all familiar industries, you name them – banking, retail, mobile amongst others. But as I pen this blog I must concede that all these massive changes do not surprise me or ever did. Trust me, I do not intend to impose my religious beliefs on you but permit me to quote from the book of Daniel chapter 12 verse 4 which read thus “…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase“.  Like I mentioned before I do not anticipate you to feel obliged to believe me. It is in own capacity to choose corresponding beliefs. I am not a prophet but I can lay it bare to you who are perusing this blog that the next billionaire of this country will be a tech entrepreneur. Let’s now converse about GH Tech Innovation. What we do is to create environments that promote innovation, teamwork and communication. Speaking about teamwork I am reminded of ancient aphorism restated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, during the South African liberation struggle, a person is person through other persons. John Mbiti says, ” I am because we are since we are, therefore, I am”. Adv Chuene Rammutla says “the African self is a social self“. I must lastly but not least also borrow from Julius Nyerere who said an African is born socialised. He has no life of consequence without the community of others. At GH Tech Innovation we hold onto these values to uplift one another. The spirit of charity reign in our hearts. Friendships are created between us, donors and people we want to impact. We have started with our journey to integrate young people into the digital economy. We are now heading towards the future that is tech enabled.


By T.Chokoe