International Women’s Day

Ignite the spark

10 March 2019

We are more than excited to announce the impact we made to the Lebone Rivoningo Developments (NPO) with our #CodeTembisa initiative.

We introduced an exciting coding session to girls from Lebone Rivoningo Developments which was held at Riendzo Developments computer centre in Ivory Park. The newbie-girl coders were taught how to create their own websites using coding and also how to collaborate with a team using a peer-to-peer learning with their friends. When the program ended, they collaborated into teams and coded basic websites using the skills they learnt.

Lebone Rivoningo Developments is a Non-Profit Organisation which is empowering young minds in the Ivory Park community through hosting monthly impact mentorship sessions. Their mentorship program plays a significant role in the lives of the black youth by grooming the mentees into being better leaders of tomorrow. They do so under the guidance of the 4 pillars of education: Learn, Serve, Play and Voice. We are optimistic that our collaboration with Lebone Rivoningo Developments shall continue to ignite the spark in the lives of young people.

International Women’s Day(IWD) is celebrated 8th March every year, As GH Tech Innovation, we believe in women empowerment and involvement. We believe that females should be given a chance to take part in the 4th Industrial Revolution(4IR) which should start at a young age through empowering them with basic coding knowledge. “Whether you want to uncover the secret of the universe, Or just want to persue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn” – Stephen Hawking

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Edited: T.Mzili